About Anna

(Photo from Korver Photography.)

I’m a writer who focuses on memoir, cultural studies, and history through essays (both personal and narrative) and poetry; I’m also starting to play with bringing this work into existence via audio storytelling. In addition, I am a translator working between French and English (though sometimes I translate Wikipedia articles from Polish for fun and practice), the translation editor for The Offing, and the managing editor for Hot Metal Bridge.

I am based in Pittsburgh by way of upstate New York, Vermont, Belgium, and France. Presently, I’m completing my MFA in creative nonfiction at the Pitt Writing Program. My current writing focuses primarily on Oflag 64, a Poland-based POW camp for American soldiers in World War II; my grandfather’s experience within and escaping from the camp; and the lives of the citizens of Szubin, the town encapsulating the camp, before, during, and after the war.

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